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Bio: Backside Five

Backside Five began when co-founder Darren Smegal custom fabricated belt buckles for a friend repping for Kokanee beer at a large event. The belt buckles sparked a huge demand. Darren later met fellow action sports-enthusiast Joe Rizzo playing at a Houston ice hockey rink. Their shared interests sparked a business partnership.

Backside Five is a lifestyle company striving to bring eco-friendly, high quality, unique designs to the world of apparel.

“We provide a premium brand focused on the nightlife environment with its roots stemming from art, music, and the action sports themselves.”

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"As a small business, overhead is one of the largest expenses for our company. Synclio allows us to provide a mode for our customers to contact us through a customer service line without having to pay someone at the early stages of our growth. With the auto email we receive once a message is recorded, we can both see this message and answer quickly. It's affordable, easy to use and fits our small business needs when other fixed costs are crucial for us to sustain as we grow."

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