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Group Calling

It‘s no secret that we live in a world where mobility is becoming an increasingly important option, particularly for businesses. Gone are the days when employees were trapped in an office, chained to their desks for 8 hours a day. Employers are now realizing the incredible benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely. But while this can mean a significant cost savings as well as improvements in morale, productivity and efficiency, it can also mean the challenge of getting all of your team members together from multiple locations. Synclio presents a solution to this problem with our group calling feature.

Keep Everyone Connected

Group calling gives you the ability to keep your team connected, wherever they are. Keep remote workers dialed in simply and efficiently by designating groups of people and making only one call to a single number instead of many. No more wasting valuable time syncing everyone‘s busy schedules to plan meetings. Each team member simply dials in to the call from wherever they are. Call a meeting in minutes without having to worry about schedule conflicts or distance limitations. With group calling you can also route incoming calls by job or department using your phone tree to route calls simultaneously to the entire team.

Improve Productive Teamwork

Any good business owner knows that some of the best business ideas come from effective team collaboration. Group calling lets you get everyone together to brainstorm and productively establish ways to improve processes so that your business can run more smoothly and efficiently. With group calling, everyone has a chance to weigh in and be heard and you have the opportunity to capitalize on the valuable information shared during these meetings.

Some of the many benefits of group calling include:

  • Fewer misrouted calls
  • Boost in productive team collaboration
  • Increased mobility
  • Time savings
  • Staying connected
  • Connect

    Bring your team together from anywhere!

  • Coordinate

    With one number to dial you can schedule and hold team meetings with ease.

  • Collaborate

    Two heads are always better than one. Get the creative juices flowing by hosting group meetings and brainstorming sessions at the click of a button!