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Time Based Routing

As a successful business owner, you know just how crazy your schedule can get on any given day. Being pulled in several different directions used to mean inevitably missing out on important calls and opportunities. Not anymore! With Synclio’s time based call routing, callers can reach you no matter where your day takes you. No more hassle of having to share your changing schedule with your team or customers, or having to give them a confusing list of contact numbers to reach you through. Just program your find me/follow me feature with the details of your schedule and you’re good to go!

As Versatile as You Are!

With time based routing, you can program multiple contact numbers so that calls are forwarded to each based on the time of day or day of the week. Callers get the satisfaction of being able to reach you instantly wherever you are and you enjoy the freedom to go wherever your schedule may take you without having to worry about missing that important call.

Freedom and Flexibility

Working from home on Friday ? On the road for the rest of the afternoon ? Simply program your time based routing to ring to your home number and receive your calls as if you were sitting in the office or enter your mobile number for calls that come in after hours or while you’re on the road. No matter where your changing schedule takes you, time based routing can help you stay connected when it counts.

Changes Made Simple

Updating your time based routing feature is simple and seamless so when changes to your schedule arise, you can quickly adjust your call routing rules to match it. Log into your account from anywhere you can reach the internet, change the programmed forwarding numbers, or the times and days when calls are to be routed with the simple click of a button. You can even set your time based routing to forward calls to a voicemail box when you know you will not be available.

With Synclio you can enjoy advanced call routing features that help keep you better connected to your team and your customers, and provide you with the mobility and flexibility you need to grow your business.

  • Enhanced Customization

    Not only can you program your virtual phone system to route your calls to you wherever you are, but with time based routing you can even specify which number to call and when.

  • Never Miss an Opportunity

    Not in the office ? No problem! Your time based routing will keep you connected so you never miss that important call!

  • Changes are Simple!

    Your busy schedule is always changing. Now you have the power to control your telecommunications with the simple click of a button.