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Call Recording

Ever wish you could go back and review an important telephone conversation? With Synclio‘s call recording feature you can do just that! Record inbound and outbound calls of any length with just the press of a button. Once the call is concluded, you will receive a link to the file via email that can also be stored for easy retrieval.

Meeting Minutes Made Easy

Keep track of important meetings and conferences among your team with Synclio‘s call recording option. Often the most innovative business ideas come from collaborative meetings and brainstorming sessions and you don‘t want to miss out on the good things that could come out of these interactions. Use group calling to get everyone together and record your meeting minutes instantly to be retrieved and used at a later date.

Improve Your Team‘s Performance

Real-life scenarios are often the most effective way to educate your team on proper policy and procedure. Recorded calls make excellent tools for training and coaching purposes as they help your employees hone their skills by showing them the best way to handle calls to improve customer satisfaction, accuracy and efficiency. Use real recorded incoming or outgoing calls as examples to show your team what does and doesn‘t work and help them improve their phone handling skills.

Synclio‘s call recording feature lets you:

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Archive important audible data
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Develop effective sales training

With call recording you will have instant access to calls received through your Synclio account. Best of all, it requires no additional hardware. Simply select it as an optional feature with your Synclio plan and activate it. Document vital business conversations and meetings, monitor your team‘s performance, record interviews and capture important information while you‘re on the road with the simple click of a button. Synclio‘s call recording feature helps to ensure you never miss an important detail.

  • Capture and Store Important Conversations

    Record inbound and outbound calls with the press of a button and easily archive them for reference or future use.

  • Improve Employee Performance

    Turn your recorded calls into future training and coaching opportunities to maximize your team‘s performance and improve customer satisfaction.

  • No Hardware Required

    Simply activate the call recording option on your Synclio plan and you‘re ready to begin capturing important call data instantly.