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Custom Call Reporting

At Synclio, we understand that business phone systems are not one size fits all. In fact, neither are the available reporting features. Data that one company finds critical to their ongoing success may be completely irrelevant for another business. That’s why Synclio’s advanced custom call reporting feature allows you to customize reports according to your business’ needs. You determine what information would best help you improve in areas such as marketing, sales, productivity and customer satisfaction and design your own call reports based on that information.

Custom call reporting lets you:

  • More professional image
  • Enhanced call handling
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer dropped calls and missed opportunities

Increase Your Efficiency

Because every call is accounted for with Synclio’s custom call reporting, you can also better analyze and monitor employee efficiency and determine if leads are being followed up on in a timely manner. Or, use your custom call reports to measure how well a certain marketing campaign is doing. For instance, if you recently sent out direct-mail advertisements, you can easily prepare and run call reports to determine what kind of impact of that mailing had. This helps to ensure your valuable marketing dollars are being spent in the most effective way.

Synclio’s custom call reporting is simple and fast. With the click of a button you can access all the data you need that will help make your business more efficient and successful.

  • Measure Results

    Analyze all of your marketing campaigns with fast, easy call reporting results.

  • Manage Follow-Up

    Improve your customer satisfaction with timely and efficient follow-up.

  • Monitor Efficiency

    Maximize productivity and ensure that leads are followed up on in a timely manner.