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Detailed Call History

One of the best ways to truly get the most out of business activities such as sales and marketing is by examining the results. For instance, determining the level of customer response when you launched your last promotion can help you determine what worked best, what could be improved and where to focus future efforts. With legacy phone systems, it was nearly impossible to accurately measure these results. Pulling information was often complicated and time consuming. And this meant missed opportunity and wasted effort.

Synclio’s online management system allows you to retrieve and analyze detailed call records with ease. View which customers called, schedule appropriate follow up and examine call patterns to gain valuable market insight. Analyzing the details of your telecommunication activities will allow you to better focus your marketing efforts, boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Empower Your Team

With Synclio, each designated department can view their own call records empowering them to focus on improving their own work and holding them accountable for their results. Research has shown that placing employees in control of their own data can significantly improve morale which makes for a more efficient and productive workforce. With Synclio, your team members will be able to better assess their achievements and work toward more defined goals with ease.

24/7 Access to Your Records

Because Synclio provides top-notch archival of records, you’ll never have to worry about losing your information. Your voicemails and data will be available for you to retrieve for as long as your account remains active. Pull information from last year and analyze it against this year’s results to quickly and efficiently assess your progress and identify areas of improvement. All of your records are available to you online, at your command to be retrieved and used whenever the need arises.

  • Instant Analyzable Results

    Online management lets you retrieve and analyze your call records any time you’d like, at the click of a button!

  • Follow Up Like a Pro!

    Detailed call history gives you the power to manage your followup efficiently, improving client satisfaction and your bottom line!

  • Knowledge is Power

    With Synclio’s detailed call records, you’ll always know who called and when so you can better manage your leads for maximum results.