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Live Call Forwarding

It used to be that if you received a call while you were in the office, you could only transfer that call to someone else in the same location. But with so many people conducting business on the go these days, this has become a problem. With more and more businesses recognizing the benefits of a mobile workforce, having the ability to transfer and route calls to anyone, anywhere is a necessity. Synclio‘s live call forwarding provides the solution to this problem and breaks down the barriers of distance and location.

Work from Anywhere

With live call forwarding you can transfer calls to other extensions or different phone numbers, no matter where you or your employees are. Let‘s say you receive a call at home that would best be handled by another employee or department in the office or on the road. You simply place the caller on hold and seamlessly transfer them to the appropriate party. It‘s like having the power of a switchboard wherever you are.

Seamless Communication Solutions

With the cutting edge technology behind live call forwarding, your callers will never have to know that you and your team are in separate office, buildings or even states. Calls are transferred and connected instantly behind the scenes, without a hint to the caller. It‘s just another way that doing business in the cloud can benefit your business!

  • Break the Chains

    No more being tied to a desk waiting for that call to come in. With live call forwarding you can work from anywhere and always be available.

  • A Switchboard in the Cloud

    Receive and transfer calls to the right party, wherever they are. Home office to business office to mobile phone - it‘s your own instant switchboard in the cloud!

  • A Seamless Transaction

    Synclio‘s live call forwarding is handled instantly, behind the scenes, providing your callers with seamless transfers and a higher level of service.