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Local Phone Numbers

Having a toll-free number is nice and certainly has its benefits, but for some customers, a local phone number provides more of a sense of security and trust. Synclio offers the option of choosing your own local exchange for your business. You can select from available numbers and your unique phone number will remain yours for as long as your account remains active.

Benefits of Local Numbers

  • Customers may feel more connected to your business when they see that you are “local”
  • You can have more than one number with different prefixes for different areas or counties
  • Some international callers can’t dial 800 numbers - local numbers provide them access

Best of Both Worlds

Synclio offers the option of having both an 800 number and a local number for your business. This is ideal for companies who do business locally as well as out of state as it provides convenient ways for all of their customers to contact them. Local clients can simply dial in on their local exchange while out of state customers can call the toll-free number and not worry about being charged long distance rates for the call. Plus, providing the option of both types of numbers gives your business a more professional feel.

Yours to Keep

Once you’ve selected your local number through Synclio, you can be confident that it will remain yours for as long as your account is active. Choose from a list of available numbers and state prefixes to find the one that best suits your business. Or, if you prefer, we can port your existing local number to our platform seamlessly. Either way, with a local number you’ll provide another option to your clients that will help build a sense of trust and loyalty.

  • Reach the “Locals”

    Some people prefer to do business with companies that are “local”. Your local phone number through Synclio will help you build trust and establish your business as part of the community.

  • Give More Options

    Whether you port your existing local number or choose a new exchange through us, you'll give your customers the added option of dialing local.

  • Best of Both Worlds

    Not sure if you want a local exchange or a toll-free one? No problem! With Synclio you have the power to choose both.