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Custom Voice Greetings

What do callers hear when they reach your business? Impress your customers by providing them with the sound of your own voice in a custom voice greeting when they call. With Synclio’s custom voice greeting feature, instead of hearing a boring, robot-like message, your callers will be welcomed by your warm, familiar voice.

A Personalized Experience

Pre-recorded computer generated messages can be perceived as cold and impersonal – your custom voice greetings will help create a sense of trust and customer loyalty. Record a personalized greeting to let you callers know you value their business and provide them with phone tree options to choose from in your own voice. You can even include your company jingle to make it even more unique. Your customers will appreciate the warm, personal touch.

Easy & Quick

Synclio’s online dashboard makes managing your custom greetings a breeze. Record from your phone or your computer, name your greetings and store them in our online Media Library where they can easily be retrieved for future use. You can quickly and easily change your greetings to update your callers on sales and promotions or notify them of changes in business hours or upcoming vacations. Save and re-use previous greetings at the click of a button.

Be thrilled with how easy it is to maintain your greetings and your customers will be impressed with the professional and personalized service they receive whenever they call your business.

  • Personalize It

    Treat callers to a personalized experience by greeting them with a recorded message.

  • Customize It

    Add your company jingle to give greetings an added air of professionalism.

  • Simplify It

    Record greetings in seconds from your computer or phone and store for later use.