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Bio: The Security & Forensics Group

The Security and Forensics Group offers a new approach to today‘s IT security paradigm. Using preemptive forensics, their “Total Environmental Security Solution” is built on the most secure technology available. products and services are “compliance (+n),” and provide guaranteed reliability for a fraction of what traditional systems costs. They specialize in Network Security and Forensics services including: Network Hardening, Secure Networks Design and Implementation, Full-Spectrum IT Security Audits and Penetration Testing, ISO27001 readiness, PCI and Sox compliance and Security Posture Assessment and Threat Remediation Services.

Why They Love Synclio

“Your system is the best thing since sliced bread with respect to office virtualization, automation and ease of use! I got a no-hassle, very low cost, 800 number that is so easy to use and so flexible. You get instant creditably. The easy management web page and useful features save me time and really work well. After using your system I will never even think about an old PBX again!”

Why They Love Synclio

  • Toll-Free Number
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The Security & Forensics Group:

505 Montgomery Street 11th Floor San Francisco, CA., 94111 (866) 240-3330

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