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Finde Me / Follow Me

One of the biggest factors in small companies losing valuable business is when a caller can’t get ahold of the person or department they need. It causes frustration that can quickly lead to a customer turning to your competition for better service and assistance. Synclio offers a solution to this potential problem by allowing you to create and manage robust phone trees to help guide your callers so that they reach who they want and when.

How it Works

Find Me / Follow Me combines two great call forwarding options that work together to better manage call handling. The first component, “find me”, allows you and your team members to receive calls wherever you are – whether it‘s at home or on the road. The second part, “follow me”, routes calls through any and all of your available phone numbers, all within seconds of a call being placed.

Calls Find You Wherever You Are

With Find Me / Follow Me, each team member can program their own detailed contact information and add additional contact numbers, such as their mobile phone number, to which calls will be routed when they aren‘t in the office. When it‘s activated, these numbers are automatically dialed in succession until the party is reached. Calls are seamlessly routed to you and your team wherever you are and callers only have to dial one number to reach you.

Easy to Manage

With Synclio‘s Find Me / Follow Me feature, changes are simple and easy – manage when you‘d like calls routed and where calls should be sent within seconds. You and your team determine which contact numbers you‘d like to use and can quickly and easily activate or deactivate the feature at your convenience.

Synclio‘s Find Me / Follow Me Feature Provides:

  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee productivity and efficiency
  • Fewer missed opportunities

In a business world that is becoming increasingly mobile, being able to receive calls wherever you are gives you a competitive advantage and improves customer and employee satisfaction exponentially.

  • Never Miss that Important Call

    No more waiting by the phone for that important call. Hit the road, meet with clients, make some sales and run your business - all with the reassurance that when that call does come in, you‘ll be ready to take it wherever you may be.

  • The Freedom of Mobility

    Be accessible anywhere, anytime without ever having to step foot in an office.

  • What‘s Not to Love?

    You‘ll love find me / follow me because it‘s easy to set up and simple to manage. Customers will love it because they can reach you without having to dial a ton of numbers.