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Robust Phone Trees

One of the biggest factors in small companies losing valuable business is when a caller can’t get ahold of the person or department they need. It causes frustration that can quickly lead to a customer turning to your competition for better service and assistance. Synclio offers a solution to this potential problem by allowing you to create and manage robust phone trees to help guide your callers so that they reach who they want and when.

Professional Options for your Callers

The bottom line is, when your customers call, you want them to be able to reach who they want when they need to. Phone trees help direct your callers to the appropriate department or employee quickly and efficiently, improving both productivity and customer satisfaction. Synclio provides the ability to create and manage your phone tree as well as program detailed keypress actions for your callers to follow. Your call rules determine how and when incoming calls are routed better ensuring that they end up exactly where they should. This means fewer dropped calls and annoying transfers which ultimately translates to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Service and Call Handling

Providing your callers with a phone tree allows them to be transferred to whomever they want, regardless of time of day. After business hours, callers will have the option to leave a voicemail message for the person or department they need rather than receiving a frustrating busy signal or general mailbox. Calls are answered 24/7, boosting customer service and improving call handling quality. And with Synclio, you can add unlimited employees and extensions, so your phone tree can be as simple or detailed as you choose.

Robust Phone Trees Offer:

  • More professional image
  • Enhanced call handling
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Fewer dropped calls and missed opportunities
  • Boost Satisfaction

    Impress callers by instantly connecting them to the person or department they need without annoying busy signals or endless transfers.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Give callers the control of who they reach, & save valuable time. No more wasted energy fielding calls means more focus time for important stuff.

  • Simple or Complex

    Create a phone tree that's as robust or simple as you like. Send calls to a person, team or receptionist - it's your system, your choice!