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Professional Voice Studio

Sure it‘s nice to provide your callers with the sound of your own friendly voice by using a custom greeting. But not everyone has the voice to pull it off. That‘s why Synclio also offers the use of professional voice talent to record your greetings for you. We‘re confident that with our professional voice studio feature, you‘ll find the voice that is perfect to represent your business.

You‘re Still in Control

Just because it‘s not your voice on the recording doesn‘t mean you‘re not in complete control over exactly what your callers will hear when they dial your number. With Synclio‘s professional voice studio, you can provide the script and we do the work. You can even use your company‘s jingle or other music to be integrated into your customized recording. Instantly give your business a more professional sounding voice and persona.

Top Quality Hold Music and Commercials

With our professional voice studio feature, you can also create quality music and recordings to be played for your callers while they‘re placed on hold. You‘ve already got a captivated audience, why not use that valuable time to play a timely commercial or notify them about a new product or promotion? Our professional voice talent can help get the word out for you.

The benefits of using Synclio‘s Professional Voice Studio feature include:

  • Highly qualified, compelling voice talent
  • Expert integration of on-hold music and/or commercials
  • Access to high quality sound for businesses of any size
  • Greet, direct and inform callers in a more professional way

Don‘t feel comfortable recording your own greetings but still want your business to project a professional image to your callers? No problem. Synclio can do it for you with the professional voice studio.

  • Greet Your Callers Professionally

    Get professional voice talent to record your businesses greeting. You provide the script and we‘ll do our best to impress your callers.

  • Quality On-Hold Music

    Make hold times more bearable with quality, professional sounding hold music.

  • Hold-Time Commercials

    Why not let your callers know about an upcoming sale or promotion while they wait? With hold-time commercials you‘ll have more opportunities to market to your audience.