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Virtual PBX

What is it?

Virtual PBX (private bank exchange) is a web or cloud-based telephone system which uses existing phones and computers and the Internet to conduct all of your business telecommunications, in particular making sure calls are routed to the appropriate party. Virtual PBX provides you with a phone number (either local or toll free) and a user-friendly online dashboard through which you can manage all of your business communication activities, including creating and managing your phone tree, adding or changing extensions or accessing and analyzing detailed call records.

What can it do for your business?

Virtual PBX allows companies of any size a simple, affordable way to access the same telecommunication benefits that were once only available to large enterprises. This makes small businesses instantly appear larger and more competitive. And with a huge selection of available features, such as auto attendant, call routing, group calling and Find Me / Follow Me, a virtual PBX system will give your business all the tools needed to stay connected with your customers, work collaboratively with your team and be reached anywhere, any time. With Synclio’s virtual PBX you can create a professional phone system for your business in just seconds.

Some of the many benefits of a virtual PBX include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Low Maintenance
  • Professional Features
  • Easy to Set Up and Manage
  • Improves Mobility
  • Allows for Growth

There has never been an easier way to enhance communication, productivity and efficiency and boost customer satisfaction while simultaneously improving your bottom line. The best part is, because Synclio’s virtual PBX is cloud-based, there’s no need to purchase expensive equipment and software or pay a pricey technician to install or maintain your system. Synclio will host your virtual PBX, handling all upgrades and providing you with top-notch service. All you have to do is simply sign up and start taking calls!

  • Enhance Communication

    Virtual PBX technology will keep you connected with your team, clients and colleagues, anywhere, anytime.

  • Boost Satisfaction

    Let your customers know that they come first! With virtual PBX, they’ll always know they can reach you, whenever they need to.

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Get access to state-of-the-art technology without breaking the bank!